Ayrshire Resilience Project - FT Pipeline Systems

Ayrshire Resilience Project

Last year, FT Pipeline Systems supplied the steel pipes to Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA) on behalf of Scottish Water as part of its ongoing Amlaird WTW project which is the first phase of the Ayrshire Resilience Project. Scottish Water is improving the water supply network for over 200,000 people and businesses in Ayrshire and East Renfrewshire. The Resilience Project has had some real engineering challenges. Not least the c.15m drop in elevation to accommodate the M77 and A77 crossing near Newton Mearns. Twin microtunnels were installed and the pipeline inserted in 6.25 meter long Ejoint socket welded water pipes with roller mounted spacers.
Then came the difficult bit with two 13 ton prefabricated lengths lifted into position. The fittings and pipe, supplied by FT Pipeline Systems, and welded together on site by Caledonia Water Alliance were lifted into position and welded into the line.
Key to the design was the huge duckfoot bend manufactured in one piece by FT Pipeline Systems’ fabrication shop, Lortub.

The pipes were then welded before being finished off with Canusa WrapidBond and K-60 heat shrink sleeves.






Thanks to Scottish Water for their permission to publish this article.