Pipe Linings

FT Pipeline Systems provides an extensive range of internal pipe linings to fit the requirements of a wide variety of situations. whether it is for an entirely new system of potable water pipes, or to repair the linings of existing systems in need of maintenance.

It is important that the lining selected for any major project take into account the materials flowing throughout the network.

Our internal pipe linings for 80 – 4000mm diameter, for potable water include:

  1. DWI 31 (4) (a) approved 3M Scotchkote 162 PWX (all diameters).
  2. DWI 31 (4) (a) approved cement mortar lining to DIN 2614
  3. DWI 31 (4) (a) approved cement mortar lining to DIN 2614 with 3M Scotchkote 162 PWX

Internal Lining Durathane P for brackish / salt water / extremely aggressive water. 3M Scotchkote 162 HB.

For further enquiries or more technical information regarding our internal pipe linings, please contact a member of our team.