Flexible Dual Containment Systems

In association with our supplier, Colex International, we are proud to offer the very latest generation of dual containment flexible hose –
This hose offers all the obvious advantages of our ProtectaFlex product with the added benefit of a leak detection system. It has been developed for the chemical dosing market to further reduce environmental leakage risk and is already approved by major water and wastewater treatment companies.


PF-Detect :If you want to know the minute your dosing system has any problems this is the hose for you.

  • The first leak detectable chemical dosing flexible hose
  • Available in the same configurations as ProtectaFlex


ProtectaFlex : offers all the benefits of existing products but in a smaller, lighter and more manageable format. Manufactured with a durable PU outer and continuing with the range of inner hoses in Draw-Flex, ProtectaFlex provides a solution to all the challenges of traditional flexible dual containment hoses with very few of the drawbacks.

  • Cover: Unreinforced, UV stable, no-phthalate, clear PU
  • Inner hose : WRAS approved in grey and white


Draw-Flex : The key advantage of Draw-Flex over other dual containment products on the market is the wider choice of materials for the inner dosing hoses, ensuring that chemical compatibility requirements are met, and a range of outer containment tubes which can offer better accessibility for securing clips and escaped liquid flow.

  • Outer Tube: FDA approved, non-phthalate, clear unreinforced PVC or unreinforced, non-phthalate, clear PU outer tube
  • Inner hose : WRAS approved in grey and white. FDA approved clear reinforced PVC